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  • To manage effective administrative and financial services to the school
  • To maintain a strategic financial plan that will indicate trends and requirements of the school development plan and will forecast future year budgets
  • To manage the administration of personnel functions in the school
  • To manage the purchase of supplies, equipment and services
  • To develop and communicate clearly the school’s development/strategic plan
  • To be responsible for the overseeing of maintenance of the buildings, grounds and equipment

Organisational Relationships

  • Directly responsible to the Headteacher
  • Member of the Senior Leadership Team
  • Line Manager to support staff (e.g. midday supervisors, cleaner etc.)


Financial Administration and Management

  • To be responsible for budget modelling, drawing up base budgets, provisional budgets and final budget, and providing financial information and advice to the Headteacher, Governing Body and Finance Committee.
  • To monitor salaries and expenditure and advise the Headteacher, Finance Committee and Governing Body accordingly
  • To manage the maintenance of accounting records relating to the school budget on SIMS together with the appropriate financial controls
  • To manage the ordering, processing and payment of all goods and services
  • To ensure up-to-date records of all expenditure and income are kept, informing the Headteacher and budget-holders about under and over spending of budgets
  • To develop and monitor a long-term financial strategy for the school in consultation with the Head teacher, FSU Manager and Governing Body
  • To ensure additional hours and supply teachers’ claim forms are calculated, correctly authorised and submitted, and to monitor claim forms of other staff
  • To prepare financial returns for DCFS and other agencies within the statutory deadlines
  • To be responsible for the management of income generation and fundraising initiatives.

Personnel Administration

  • To participate in the selection process for staff
  • To ensure that accurate personnel records, including sickness and other absences are maintained and information passed on to Personnel and Payroll Services as necessary
  • In consultation with the Headteacher, produce job descriptions, person specifications and advertisements for vacant posts as required
  • To carry out the administrative processes relating to recruitment and other staff changes, including the seeking of references, medical clearance and DBS checks as required
  • To consult with Gloucestershire County Council in the provision of information and advice on conditions of service for all categories of staff employed at the school
  • To ensure that all staff are paid on the correct scale and spine point in consultation with Governors and to provide appropriate information on pay to staff, the Governing Body and the LA
  • To be the first point of contact for all staff at the school on pay and contract related issues, Liaising with Personnel and Payroll as necessary

Health & Safety Management

  • Ensure that the school’s written Health & Safety Policy is clearly communicated and available to all people
  • Ensure the Health & Safety Policy is implemented at all times, put into practice and is subject to review and assessment at regular intervals or as the situation or legislation changes
  • Ensure systems are in place for effective monitoring, measuring and reporting of Health & Safety issues to the SMT, Governors and, where appropriate, the Health & Safety Executive
  • Ensure the maximum level of security is maintained at all times


Facilities and Property Management

  • Ensure the safe maintenance and operation of all school premises
  • Ensure the continuing availability of utilities, site services and equipment
  • Follow sound practices in estate management and ground maintenance. Ensure contractors follow instructions and requests. Monitor quality of work by contractors
  • Ensure ancillary services e.g. catering, cleaning are monitored and managed effectively


  • Contribute to the development of the school’s values and vision and communicate these clearly and enthusiastically to all staff and other stakeholders
  • Ensure that all staff are briefed on allocated work, showing how it fits within the school’s vision and objectives
  • Provide support to staff during times of setback and change
  • Encourage staff to take the lead and take decisions when they have the knowledge and expertise to enable them to do so

Strategic Influencing

  • Negotiate and influence strategic decision making within the school’s SMT
  • Understand the culture and climate of the school and where appropriate the wider educational environment
  • Maintain a visible, professional and high profile within the school
  • Safeguard the assets and reputation of the school and ensure truthfulness in all public communications

This job description sets out the main duties of the post at the date when it was drawn up.   Such duties may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the post or the level of responsibility.