Key Stage 1

 Busy Bees

busy bee2Busy Bees Learn: All About Me

We have learnt all about our bodies, bones and muscles.
We have looked at how to stay healthy including what to eat and how to exercise.
In Geography we have looked at our world and where we are in it.

busy bee2Busy Bees Learn: About the Victorians

We have studied the life of Queen Victoria and understand what an important person she was in shaping the life of Britain as it is today.

Through experience days at Gloucester Folk Museum and

The Locksmiths House at the Black Country Living Museum we learnt about Victorian school and life during Victorian times.

Dressing up in a Victorian night shirt. Wash Day. Toasting on an open fire. Key Cleaning – a locksmith’s child chores – we really enjoyed it!!!

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busy bee2Busy Bees Learn: All about Uganda


We have learnt where Uganda is in the World and compared it to England thinking about weather, seasons and climate, traditions, land use, population and language, currency, and native plants and animals.